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Honeywell First Responder Products is the leading manufacturer of head-to-toe personal protective equipment.

With more than 270 patents, we drive innovations for your unique needs. We take great pride in our technological advancements and our product development process that starts and ends with input from you, firefighters who safeguard our communities and face the dangers of the fireground every day.


Morningpride Tails

Morning Pride Tails

​The one and only genuine Morning Pride® TAILS™ System, recognized and established over the years for its proven protection and reliability.The Morning Pride® coat is designed with Kinetic Kut™ patterning, true 3-piece tailoring in all three layers of the garment, and built-in under arm bellows with Forward Flex™ sleeves. Engineered to work together with the Morning Pride® pants as part of the TAILS™ System, the Morning Pride® coat innovative drastically reduces weight, physical stress, and sleeve retraction.

Morning Pride Tails®  Features and Benefits
Available Coat and Pant Closure Systems:
​Zipper / hook and loop
Hooks and D-ring outside flap / hook and loop (standard coat closure; optional FDNY coat closure available)
​Hooks and D-ring inside flap / hook and loop (Chicago coat closure)
Hook and D-ring with hook and loop pant closure 

Standard Coat Features
​Kinetic Kut™ Styling Significantly reduces hem rise and sleeve retraction, allowing for greater range of motion and protection, patented
TAILS™ System Reduces weight, increases range of motion and eliminates bunching when bending forward
Forward Flex™ Sleeve Patented design eliminates undesirable sleeve retraction when reaching up or forward
Three-piece Coat Pattern Throughout All Layers Allows greater reach, flexibility, mobility, and protection while also dramatically improving the garment’s durability through years of use.
Double-felled Stitched Major Seams on all Three Layers Increases durability
Articulating Drag Rescue Device Adjusts to maintain equal leverage on a downed firefighter even when pulling from an angle, patented
Comfortable Chinstraps Curved design for better fit and less irritation
Dead Air Thermal Enhancement Panels Patented engineered thermal padding provides higher heat protection in specified areas
Single Seam Sleeves Innovative design eliminates second seam, reducing wear point
Waterproof Wristlets Double-layer Nomex® wristlets with continuous moisture barrier provide a liquid seal at the wrist, patented
Long Tabbed Wristlets Patented durable and comfortable thumb locator option doesn’t interfere with glove donning
Inspection Ports Patented feature allow for easier inspection of thermal liner and moisture barrier

Standard Pant Features
Full Range of Motion Crotch Patented U-shape design and diamond-shaped insert allow greater leg mobility
​Low-waist Comfort Pant Increases mobility at waist, reduces weight, and allows for more ventilation feels like a pair of jeanswears like a pair of jeansrides like a pair of jeans
Postman Take-up Straps Adjustable to provide a better, tailored fit (option on pants, standard on coats)
Knee Protection Patented Bi-Flex Heat Channel knees provide the highest level of comfort and protection available
Reinforcements Sleeves, cuffs, and pockets can be reinforced with abrasion-resistant materials to meet department specifications
Seam Guards Placed over trim threads at high-abrasion areas to reduce wear, patented

Additional Features
Continuous Protection Outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal barrier overlap at coat facings, collar linings, and pant fly to give uninterrupted protection
Custom Sizing Five custom alteration measurements, three additional when needed, are taken to for a true custom fit
Built-in 360° protection at coat facings
All breathable construction (excluding trim, hardware and labels)
Double-thickness, exterior-mounted storm shields
Hang-up loop with 80 lb hang strength
Button suspender attachments
Options Attached with Lock Stitching
Advanced Protective Tracking Barcoded for simplified NFPA 1851 tracking requirements 
​Certification – NFPA 1971Morning Pride Tails®  Options

Popular Coat Options                                                                                     

Dead Air Thermal Enhancement Panels ​ Reinforcements                                                   

Half-height Bellows Pockets – 6˝ x 9˝ x 1.5˝                                                

Leather or Ara-shield® Cuffs                   

Shoulder Caps and Elbows 

Lettering on Back Patch                                                                                 

Radio Pocket– 9˝ x 9˝x 1.5˝ Microphone Tab

Choice of Required Trim Packages

Long Tabbed Nomex® Wristlets
Choice of Required Trim Packages

Popular Pant Options

Knee Protection

Postman Take-up Straps

Leather or Ara-shield Knees

Bellows Pockets

Heavy Duty Suspender with quick adjust and padding

Certified Escape Systems
Spider™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness with A-frame
Patriot™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness
​Life Grip™ Lader / Escape Belt – Functional and fully adjustable escape belt


Morningpride Ranger


​Tough, rugged, made to fit each unique firefighter, Ranger™ turnout gear protects through the roughest fights. Offering you a wide variety of options so you can custom design your gear to serve your specific needs, the Ranger™ turnout gear is comfortable and light…even on your budget.

Ranger™ Features and Benefits
Standard Coat Features
Variegated Length Hem (Tails) ​Increased range of motion in upper legs, improved torso ventilation, better visibility from behind
Raglan Sleeve with Forward Flex Attribute Higher comfort, better mobility in the arm
Nesting of All Three Garment Layers 3 layers work as a system to provide fully functional ergonomics of the gear
Hook and Loop Double Stitched on Coat Closure, Chinstrap, and Collar Longer durability
Seam Guard on Trim at Cuff Better abrasion resistance of threads in high abrasion areas for longer durability
Articulating Drag Rescue Device Comfortable in every day wear, able to deploy in multiple directions with little discomfort to the wearer, rolled edges reduce abrasion against moisture barrier (patented)
Black Leather Cuff Reinforcements ​Longer durability in high abrasion areas
Shoulder and Elbow Thermal Enhancements Increased thermal protection in compression areas
Waterproof Wristlets  Double-layer Nomex® wristlets with continuous moisture barrier provide a liquid seal at the wrist (patented) 

​Standard Pant Features
Traditional Waist High Pant Increased mobility at the waist, full torso ventilation
Full Access Pant Fly Easier for donning and doffing, stores over boots easier
Black Leather Cuff Reinforcements Longer durability in high abrasion areas

Additional Features
Custom Sizing
​Five custom alteration measurements, three additional when needed, are taken for a true custom fit
Double-thickness, Exterior-mounted Storm Shields
Hang-up Loop with 80-lb Hang Strength
Button Suspender Attachments
Options Attached with Lock Stitching
Advanced Protective Tracking Barcoded for simplified NFPA 1851 tracking requirements
​Certification – NFPA 1971

 Ranger™ Options
Popular Coat Options  

35˝ Ranger Model

Leather or Ara-shield® Cuffs, Shoulder Caps and Elbows 

Lettering on BackPatch 

Choice of Required Trim Packages

Radio Pocket – 8˝ x 3˝ x 2˝
Microphone Tab
Long Tabbed Nomex® Wristlets

Popular Pants Options

Leather or Ara-shield knees
Bellows Pockets

Heavy Duty Suspender with quick adjust and padding

Choice of required trim packages





Inspired by the extreme sports industry such as skiing and snowboarding, VIPER turnout gear delivers the same performance advantages sought by elite winter athletes to firefighters in their daily jobs: comfort, fit, thermal protection and mobility. Ergonomically engineered to reduce fabric bulk while maximizing mobility, the VIPER turnout gear offers a full range of motion to all areas of the body. The result – cutting-edge athletic gear that shapes to your body and moves with you.

VIPER Features and Benefits
​Available Coat and Pant Closure Systems All paired with hook and loop
        Zipper under flap
        Hooks and dees outside flap
​         Hooks and dees inside flap closure (optional)

Standard Coat Features
Unique Ergonomic Shoulder and Underarm Design Increases venting eliminates the gusset for less bunching under the arm, increases comfort. Minimizes coat rise
Integrated Collar and Storm Flap T-Closer™ (patented) Eliminates the gap found in so many other throat strap and collar designs
Bar-tack Reinforced Stress Points For enhanced durability
SteamGard™ Wrist Trim Helps reduce the risk of compression burns
​Sidewinder™ Coat Pockets (graded size) (patent pending) Many other pocket types available as options, all sewn below the waist to avoid overlap with SCBA straps
​5-panel Coat Design Means athletic cut with no excess fabric

Standard Pant Features
Ergonomic Legs Two front panels divided at the knee. The lower front panel is convex at the knee for better mobility and fit in all positions.
​Side Adjustment Pull-tabs Tough and durable Nomex® webbing. Waist adjustment of 4˝ to 6˝ provides a better, tailored fit.
Lo-rise front/Hi-rise Back Pant Maximizes mobility and flexibility
​Full-bellow Pockets (10" x 10") For large capacity content
​Oversize Knee Reinforcements Covers the knee both standing and kneeling
KEVLAR® Reinforced Pockets Maximizes durability
Choice of Knee and Cuff Reinforcements Matching your specification needs
​Neoprene-lined, Anti-wicking Pant Bottoms Protect against water wicking up 
Certification – NFPA 1971